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February 2018

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The Mindful Cookbook

This Mindful Cookbook is a practical guide to changing habits, eating healthy, & increasing self-awareness through mindfulness.

In this book, I share with you, the mindfulness techniques & simple way of eating I’ve developed over the years that have helped me cope with PTSD, overcoming addiction, & an eating disorder. Not only has it helped me mentally, I also feel better physically in my mid 30’s than I ever have in my entire life.

Like most Americans, growing up, my diet consisted of mostly processed foods. Sugar, sugar, sugar. So much sugar. My favorite thing to eat when I got home from school was Ramen Noodles & a microwave slice cheese sandwich on white bread. Sweet tea & Little Debbie Brownies Errrrday. In my 20’s I lived off what was easiest, fast food & restaurant dining. 

When I started jiu-jitsu 9 years ago, I was so out of shape, I was addicted to food, drugs, alcohol, & cigarettes. I was not mentally or physically healthy. I couldn’t even walk around the block. Two years after beginning my journey in jiu-jitsu, at the age of 27, I began my journey towards recovery, and I started cooking. I sought out help & found many useful tools that helped me create a more peaceful, healthier lifestyle. 

Every person is different, and even though the vegan diet is a clean, healthy way to eat. It’s not for everyone. I am not a strict vegan, but incorporating vegan meals into your lifestyle on occasions is a great way to create healthier habits. The recipes in this book are vegan, but that does not mean this book is only for vegans or aspiring vegans. Each recipe includes options for vegetarians & meat eaters. Eat the meat! Eat the cheese, but don’t skip the nutrition!

That’s the beauty of this book, you can still eat the things you love without all the guilt by finding healthy alternatives to the food you already love.

Mindfulness & Cravings.

When it comes to cravings of any kind, mindfulness can be used as a tool for food cravings to cigarette cravings. Withdrawal from anything is hard, so the important thing to remember is that cravings usually only last 10-20 minutes. That’s not that long, right? If you are having a craving, you can simply use the mindfulness techniques I’ve shared in this book to help you get through that 10-20 minutes of hell.

“Training your mind to be in the present moment is the #1 key to making healthier choices.” -Susan Albers

It’s Simple, Not Easy.

Changing your lifestyle is hard. Anyone can live a healthy lifestyle, but you have to be willing to accept failure. No one becomes a black belt overnight. It takes time, sacrifice, failure, loss, & the courage to carry on despite being defeated. That’s how you get good at anything.

If you are depressed, addicted, out of shape, & want to feel better physically & mentally, you have to be aware that there will be many setbacks, but don’t let it stop you from trying. Stand up & try again. That’s how you become successful.

Don’t expect to change overnight. That’s not how it works. There are no quick fixes, no magic pill. It takes time, dedication, and hard work. You will fail, but that’s ok. We all do.

Failing is the perfect time to practice mindfulness. It’s the perfect time to practice compassion for yourself. It’s the perfect time to practice self love by treating yourself as if you were a friend or a loved one. How would you talk to someone in your shoes? Would you call them stupid? A loser? No. You would say, “It’s ok, you are still awesome. Today might not be the greatest, but that’s ok because this is only temporary.”

Remind yourself, that everything in this world is temporary & with the proper tools YOU CAN make that change.

7 Day Meal Plan Plus Shopping List

The cycle of addiction can seem impossible to break, but by applying these simple techniques, you will slowly retrain your body to crave something different. That’s what happened to me. I slowly made changes, and the more I tried, the more my body & mind craved mindfulness & nutrition.

How do you change your habits? One day at a time. Are you up for the challenge? Try The Mindful Cookbook 7 Day Meal Plan Meal Prep. Make your list on Friday, shop on Saturday, Prep on Sunday, and get going on Monday!

You don’t have to quit cold turkey. If you are dealing with addictions like smoking, drinking pop, or sugar, and quitting for 7 days seems impossible; keep those things handy, but TRY to go without them as long as possible, incorporate the mindfulness techniques during your cravings, & make sure to include ONE day in the 7 day meal plan that you do DO NOT touch any of those things. It’s only one day. You CAN DO IT!

The Mindful Cookbook Ebook will be available Valentines Day on Kindle & for only $9.99!

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