Behind the Movement: REAL MEN EMPOWER WOMEN.


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Behind the Movement: REAL MEN EMPOWER WOMEN.


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“If more men spoke up before, during, or after incidents of verbal, physical, or sexual abuse by their peers, they would help to create a climate where the abuse of women — emotional, physical, sexual — would be stigmatized and seen as incompatible with male group norms. That is, a man who engaged in such behavior would lose status among his male peers and forfeit the approval of older males.

Ultimately, this would cause a shift in male culture such that some men’s sexist abuse of women and girls would be regarded — by other men — not only as distasteful but as utterly unacceptable. In this new climate, individuals would be strongly discouraged from acting out in abusive ways because of the anticipated negative consequences: loss of respect, friends, and status, and greater likelihood of facing both legal and non-legal sanctions.

In fact, if men’s violence against women truly carried a significant stigma in male culture, it is possible that most incidents of sexist abuse would never happen. This is because contrary to popular myth, the vast majority of boys and men who assault, harass, and bully girls and women are not sociopaths. They are average guys. Many of them see the sexist treatment of women as normal.” — Jackson Katz

Founder & CEO,  Jennifer Gray, believes that the Real Men Empower Women Tees serve as a perfect illustration of the power of fashion to make a statement and the fact that both genders have a stake in the empowerment of women.

“Misconceptions about all men were part of the force that drove me to my breaking point,  so it’s touching that men – and a male dominated sport – Jiu-jitsu –  became a part of the solution that would lead me here today.”

That’s why I created the “Real Men Empower Women” t-shirt. As an encouragement to both genders – about how cooperation & not division is a key to empowerment and overcoming challenges.

I think it’s important for women to see that there are men out there that support them and want to see them empowered. 

Most men want to help, they just don’t know how. This is a way for them to start the conversation – by saying it without saying it.